Call for Artists – American Race


Sigh. Today was the last day for the Lineweight Exhibition. Here’s the brand new call for artists for our big Fall ’09 exhibit. Please tell your friends and colleagues.


barbed wire flag - photo by Peter Fine
barbed wire flag - photo by Peter Fine


American Race – Call for Submissions – Postmark deadline May 1, 2009

Artists are requested to submit their work for inclusion in a curated exhibition exploring the meaning of America. The exhibition will be displayed in the Truman State University Art Gallery ( in October and November 2009. American Race was conceived as a reflection on the bicentennial of Lincoln’s birth, which event lies at the midpoint of a timeline that connects the settlement of Jamestown to the inauguration of Obama.

How has race defined what it is to be an American and how have its polarizing effects served to mythologize the American? U.S. Borders have come to be seen as increasingly insecure and at risk from without and from within. But the geography of the States has been continually redefined by its ever-expanding power. Historically, the irregularity of these borders has been a constant rather than a recent and unique phenomenon. How have these effects been visualized over time, over borders and written upon the landscape?

This exhibit seeks work by artists exploring the variegated edges of American-ness and race, and who seek to counter or speak to the visual archive of U.S. American Identity from all sides. Artists representing an interest in assimilation, racialization, passing, borders, erasure, whiteness, immigration, admixing, personal, national and branded identities are asked to submit work.

Please submit proposals in the form of a CD-Rom only, with your e-mail clearly labeled on the outside in case there are technical difficulties. Images enclosed in the CD-Rom (in J-peg or Powerpoint or i-movie form) should be labeled as art proposed to exhibit or, if proposing a new project for this show, art that is merely representative of your work. Please also include a resume and a 1-2 page text (maximum) describing your proposed contribution to the exhibition and including a synopsis of potential budgetary considerations for the presentation of your work.

The co-curators of this exhibition are Peter Fine (Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at New Mexico State University) and Aaron Fine (Associate Professor of Art at Truman State University). There is no fee for submission. There will be a catalog produced to document the exhibition. The gallery will cover at least some, if not all, of artists’ expenses.

Send proposals postmarked by May 1, 2009 to Aaron Fine, Truman State University Art Gallery, 100 E. Normal, Kirksville, MO 63501.



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