“On Men” conference this coming Thursday – Saturday

Truman’s Women’s and Gender Studies conference (this year’s theme is “On Men”) is coming at the end of this week. Check it out in between visits to the PAP ART exhibition.

        ON MEN: Truman’s Fourteenth Annual

             Women’s and Gender Studies Conference                                                                               

                                                 March 26-27-28, 2009

                        Thursday, March 26 (VH 1000)

10:30-11:45 Masculinity in context 1

         Mary Shapiro, “Autism as Extreme Maleness”

         Catherine Lee, “Here Is What I’ve Noticed: An Exploration of His Response to My Queer Identity”

         Linda and Don Bindner, “Fist Fights-Gun Fights=The Macho Man”

12:00-1:15 Transgender pioneers

 Angela Carter, “’Man-ternity’: A Gender Theory Analysis of Thomas Beatie’s Pregnancy”

 Chris Boning, “God Save the King: The Curious Absence of Male Impersonators in Queer Academia”

 Emily Murdock, “’I enjoy being a girl!’: An Analysis of Transgender Biography”             

1:30-3:15 Men in the media 1

        Mariah Bohanon, “The Anti-Patriarch in Primetime”

        Rachel Brown, “More Than a Pretty Face: Johnny Depp Becomes a Gender Critic”  

 Rachel Kempf and Nick Toti, “’The Man of Your Dreams is Back’: Homosexual Longing and the Monstrous in A Nightmare on Elm Street 2

3:30-4:20 The long view

        Angelina Guidos, “Mirroring Asymmetry: The Love of Socrates and Alcibiades”

        Catherine Hayward, “The Death of Remus: Disillusionment with Brotherhood inPost-Civil War Rome”

        Ding-hwa Hsieh, “Homosexuality and the Chinese, Past and Present”

4:30-5:45 Writing gender

          Matthew Felzke, Erin Neuman, and Leia Wilson, “The American Man Calamity: A Collaborative Project”

        Monica Barron and Linda Seidel, “Gendered Visions and National Novel-Writing Month”

                                      Friday, March 27 (VH 1000)    

10:30-11:20 Gender pedagogy 1: a workshop

        Shahr Rezaiekhaligh, “the Classroom Closet: Sexuality and the American High School”

11:30-12:50 Masculinity in context 2

         Alanna Preussner, “Playing at Being a Guy: Gender Performance in the Maybe Westand South”

  Joanna Marshall, “Translating Macho: Feminist Translations of Gender in the Diasporic  Writing of Judith Ortiz Cofer”

  Jerry Hirsch, “Masculinity, Disciplinary Formation, and the Cold War: The Emergence of the Indiana University Doctorate in Folklore”

1:30-2:20 Portrayals of black masculinity

       Amber Jones, “’To Whom It May Concern . . . Keep This Nigger-Boy Running’”

       Marilyn Yaquinto, “Black masculinity, Screen Virility, and American Heroism: The Case of Denzel Washington”

2:30-3:20 Masculinity in context 3

Michele Kaminski, “Gee! I Wish I Were a Man: The Masculinization of Women in World War I Patriotic and Recruitment Posters”

Jackie Gonzalez, “A Boy’s Life According to Girls’ Life

3:30-4:20 Personal testimony 1

          Priscilla Riggle, “In His Own Image”

 Ben Garrett, “Feminist Hopes and Fears for a Re-Imagined Me: How Refusing to Be a Ma  Enabled Me to Become One”

          Marty Eisenberg, “The Glow from My Closet: Personal Reflections on Masculinity”

4:30-5:50 Keynote lecture

 Patrick Dilley, “Twitter Twinks and Lads Without Labels: Understanding  Today’s Non-Heterosexual College Males”

          Introduced by Jane Maxwell

                                Saturday, March 28 (VH 1000)        

 10:30-11:20 Women and patriarchy

         Larry Iles, “Lucy Middleton, MP: A Mildly Feminist Good Life Rendered Less Effective by Too Much Deference to Patriarchy”

          Linda Seidel, “Seduced by Clint: This Girl’s Response to Gran Torino”

 11:30-12:20 The uses of poetry

          James D’Agostino, “She and Her What’s His Face: A Poetic Sequence”

Suzanne Easley, “Men Facing Death: Poetry of John Donne, Dylan Thomas, and Alfred Lord Tennyson”

  12:30-1:20 Gender pedagogy 2: a workshop

  Ben Garrett, “First Steps: Challenging the Relationships between Manhood, Power, and  Sexual Violence:

A Workshop for Adolescent Boys”

  1:30-2:20 Men in the media 2

Mary Hurley, “Whatever Happened to Dante?: Some Thoughts on the Construction of Masculinity in Hollywood Film”

  Jennifer Coolidge and Aaron Rooks, “Fratire and Phallicy: Observations of Hyper- Masculinity and the Menaissance in Pop Culture”

  2:30-3:20 Dramatic portrayals of men

            Arnie Preussner, “Shakespeare’s Comic Men: Works in Progress”

            Dana Smith, dir., Scenes from Spring Awakening

  3:30-4:20 Keynote lecture

           Jackie Murray, “Poetically Erect: Erinna and Nossis in Herodas 6 and 7”  Introduced by Molly Herbert

  4:30-5:50 Personal testimony 2

            JJ Pionke, “Butch Boi: Living Life without the Hardware”

             Amanda Crowell Stiebel, “To Lose a Brother”

             Gretchen Willier, “Children of the Horn”

Saturday night, March 28 (815 E. Harrison St., NW corner of Harrison and Lewis) 8:00–? PARTY!   All conference participants, attendees, sponsors, WGST students and  faculty, WRC staff, and members of VOX and NOW are invited.  


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