A season of great art begins at the TSU Gallery

As the school year begins we welcome both new and returning students as well as faculty and staff to another great year at Truman. This year the Truman Art Gallery once again hosts a variety of extraordinary exhibitions. Three members of our esteemed art faculty, Aaron Fine, Priya Kambli, and Wynne Wilbur will exhibit some of their current artwork on September, 8 with a public reception beginning at 6 pm. Plan on seeing some incredible work; make sure you mark it on your calendar. After the show opens I will highlight various pieces by the faculty and provide feedback for the show itself. If you do not get a chance to go that evening make sure you go before October 20 when the exhibit American Race is scheduled to open. This show will feature the artists, Chido Johnson, Darlynna John, Robert Gerhardt, Christina Marsh, Myra Greene, Jacob Munoz, J. Thomas Pallas, Terri Saul, Paul Solomon, Aileen Bassis, and Jill Weisberg.

More about that show in the next few days.

 “A painting in a museum hears more ridiculous opinions than anything else in the world.” Edmond de Goncourt


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