Red Barn & New Pictures from Current Exhibit

This past weekend Kirksville was buzzing with people and interesting things to do. I hope everyone had an enjoyable family day and managed to visit the Red Barn Arts & Crafts Festival.

Saturday morning the weather was perfect to enjoy a cup of coffee from the new café, Upper East Side, and then take a leisurely stroll around the square. There were tons of people enjoying the various artists, dance exhibitions, and the farmers market.  I was thrilled to see that the festival had grown in size. The antique section at the Kirksville Art Gallery was a terrific surprise. I also noticed both the Truman Print Club and AIGA Club (American Institute of Graphic Arts) had booths set up.

As requested, here are some more pictures from the current exhibit. You can also check out Aaron & Priya’s work on their websites:    and

Later on in the week I will be featuring a couple of the artists from the upcoming show American Race, Chido Johnson and Paul Solomon.

“In art, spontaneity must always be calculated.” Ned Rorem



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