“American Race” artist Christina Marsh

Sorry, I know I said I would be back by Wednesday but things just got kind of crazy for a bit. Family stuff took over for a few days and I am trying to get grad school stuff ready, which is a job all by itself!

So back to where we were; the American Race artists. First, I found a picture for the Myra Greene post and have added it to the blog. It is entitled “D.W.” and is from her My White Friends series.

Tonight, I wanted to share with you the fascinating work of Christina Marsh. Growing up in upper-middle class white suburbia gives Marsh’s work a unique perspective. Her work emphasizes the physical and emotional struggle of trying to exist in the gray area between white and black. Marsh uses a variety of mediums, including photography, drawing, and mixed media to express this neutral space. One particularly interesting piece entitled ‘One Drop’ (2004) was created with milk and chocolate “to illustrate America’s perceptions of how ethnicity is defined through our consciousness of color.”

Here is the link to her website for more information and a look at her work: http://www.marshartonline.com/index.html

“Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.” Twyla Tharp



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