“American Race” artist J. Thomas Pallas

Artist J. Thomas Pallas visited Truman this past weekend and installed one of his pieces for the American Race exhibit, which opens Tuesday, October 20. Pallas’s work takes traditional portraiture outside the box by de-elevating cultural idols and re-framing them “to represent traditional historical figures” as well as “embedding a deep critique of spectacle society.”

On his website Pallas includes a piece called “Ghetto Bus Tour” which publicized the work of Beauty Turner. Mrs. Turner led bus tours of what was called the “projects” in Chicago. Turner’s work gave “a voice to the voiceless” and allowed the people who lived in these homes to express their own experiences. Pallas’s work with this piece shows the despair and irreversible damage done to the lives and communities of the people who lived in this area. Here are a couple of pictures from the weekend and another piece by Pallas.

For more information about his work check out his website http://jthomaspallas.com/home.html

“A good painting to me has always been like a friend. It keeps me company, comforts and inspires.” Hedy Lamarr


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