Road Trip

This weekend I managed to get a few days off at both of my jobs before the holiday season kicks in. I was going to go visit a friend in Minnesota, but life being as it is, the visit didn’t happen, so I decided to take a road trip right here in Missouri. I headed out and ended up taking highway 79 through Hannibal, Louisiana, and Clarksville. It turned out to be an invigorating and revitalizing trip; just what I needed. The fall colors were fantastic and the views from many of the roadside rest areas were awesome. Lover’s Leap, just outside of Hannibal, on hwy. 79,  has an incredible view of the city and the river. Unfortunately I did not take a camera! What I was thinking? I missed some great shots. The best part of the trip though was stopping and taking in all the art galleries and shops. I bought a couple of great Christmas presents and saw some incredible and unique art.

If you are looking for a great way to spend a beautiful Saturday or Sunday, head out to Hannibal, Louisiana, or Clarksville. Next weekend, November 7-8, the 50 Miles of Art gallery and studio tour is going on and I imagine it will be awesome. No matter what type of art you enjoy, photography, fibers, painting, pottery, or jewelry there is something for everyone. Here are a couple of websites with info on the event and the galleries.

I stopped in at the studio “Dawn of Creation”. Wow! Wonderful jewelry, handbags, and decorative glass art! I was talking with the lady who runs the shop and she told me that much of what was in the shop could also be found for sale at a website called I do not know if I am out of the loop or what, but this is an incredible place for handmade art. Similar to ebay, but only handmade art! I checked the site out when I got back home and it is incredible. If you have not heard of it you should take a look, whether you want to buy cool art or are thinking of selling your art, this is the place.

I am still in need of pictures and info on students who will be participating in the BFA/BA exhibit next month. I received great info from one student and will get it up later today or early tomorrow. or

Oh! Thanks Aaron for the Halloween pictures and the info on the readings in the Gallery.

“The principle of art is to pause, not bypass.” Jerzy Kosinski                 



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