New Shows Coming Soon

Hey all! I hope your spring break went well and you are back in the groove. Sorry there has not been much posted here lately…not much happening in the dead of winter around this sleepy little town.

Some things coming up – the BFA/BA Thesis Exhibit and Vis. Com. Portfolio Sample Display opens with a reception Tuesday, April 20 @ 6pm and runs through April 23.

Following that the BFA/BA Thesis Exhibit opens on April 26 with the opening reception on April 27 @ 6pm. This show runs through April 30.

The BFA Vis. Com Portfolio Review will be last show of the year and will open on May 3; I will give you the reception date as soon as I have it.

For all of the upcoming shows I would like to feature at least one piece of art from each graduating senior. To accomplish this I need some things from you all, a short artist statement about a particular piece along with a picture of the piece. You can email it to me at

I see myself and many artists like me as the torchbearers through these dark ages. John Zorn



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