Matthew James BFA: Printmaking

April 20 begins the graduating senior exhibitions. Over the next few weeks I will feature as many of the senior works as I get. So send me artist statements and pictures –

Artist Statement:

I am intrigued by representational imagery’s power to give visual substance to otherwise invisible things. In this body of work, I intend to use that curious power in to examining how knowledge is gained and reality is understood. The symbolic narrative as related through the prints of this exhibition follows a black pawn as the bewildered protagonist, whose journey serves as an allegory of the epistemological transitions to my current state of understanding and as a metaphorical critique of knowledge. The array of six chess pieces provides both thematic unity and the means to visual diversity. I was also inspired by the chess piece series of online digital artist Anville to do my own interpretations of each chess piece. Additionally, the works of Man Ray, Francis Picabia, Marc Halingre, and Siegfried Zademack have contributed many visual elements to the series.

The finished pieces are Pawn and Rook, respectively. The piece in progress is Knight.

“One eye sees the other feels.” Paul Klee



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