We Are on Facebook!

I am happy to announce the Truman Art Gallery now has a Facebook page!!! We are also working on getting a Twitter account set up; will keep you posted on that.

Truman’s literary, photography, prose, and poetry magazine, Windfall is looking for art work to put in the magazine. You can submit your work to windfall.truman.edu.

The next show at the Gallery will open on October 18. In the Main Gallery “Cross Connections” will feature Graduate student work in visual communications from the Luxun Acadamy of Fine Arts, China. The picture shown here is a poster design by Hu Wen Xia for the show at the gallery.

Discussion topics include:

Contemporary visual art and design

            Chinese / Asian culture

            Globalism / the information age

The Side Gallery will feature “Speaking Body” by Erica Duffy. Ms. Duffy’s work focuses on communication and disruptions within our communications with other people. “The psychological space between two interacting people is difficult to describe, yet it is an active zone in which meaning is transformed, interpreted, and made.  The phenomena that disrupt communication are even harder to identify.  It is these phenomena that I give visual and concrete form as objects relating to the body.” (Erica Duffy artist statement)

On October 14 @ 8:50am Ms. Duffy will be having a discussion regarding her work. The talk is schedule for a class from Communications Disorders but the public is welcome to attend.

Acceptably Flurent - Erica Duffy

The opening reception for both of these exhibitions will be on October 19 at 6pm. As always there will be free food & drink as well as a chance to discuss the works with a variety of students and faculty. It looks to be a great show!


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