Call for Artwork – Apocalyptic Exhibition

Call for Submission of Artworks



This exhibition, scheduled mid January to mid February, 2014, invites artwork from all genres and media that examines apocalyptic imagery, the notion of the apocalypse, or our culture’s attachment to such things.


Artists may consider, but need not be limited to, issues such as:


  • Biblical and other religious depictions
  • Zombie, alien invasion, and other fantastic apocalypses
  • Potentially genuine apocalyptic threats such as disease, overpopulation, nuclear war, comet striking the Earth, and climate change
  • Gothic and romantic themes in apocalyptic scenarios
  • The apocalypse in film, literature, and visual culture
  • The intersection of apocalyptic belief systems and the political sphere
  • The pleasure and discomfort of contemplating the apocalypse


Apocalyptic is being curated by Professor Aaron Fine at Truman State University in Kirksville, MO and will be exhibited there in the University Art Gallery.


Please e-mail proposals by Friday, November 15 to:

Please put “Apocalyptic” at the start of your subject line.


Submissions should include the following:

  • Up to 5 images of your artwork or one brief video (small files please, we’ll use bigger ones if and when we need them for press)
  • A brief e-mail message explaining artwork to be exhibited, whether depicted in the slides or new creations.
  • An artist’s statement – no more than one page. Can be an attached word doc or pasted into the body of the e-mail
  • A prioritized budget detailing associated costs.


The Truman State University Art Gallery strives to cover expenses incurred by exhibiting, but generally does not cover the costs of producing the art itself. We also hope to have funds available for a small catalog and small honoraria for each exhibitor. Finally, ours is a beautiful exhibition space with an audience that is engaged and eager to learn about contemporary art.



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